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For our last concert of this 2nd Season, featuring Roy Forbes, we do expect a 100% Sold-Out show. Get  your tickets now so you are not disappointed. Roy's shows are pure energy and a solid delight!

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New Recording – Edge of Blue

A new Roy Forbes recording is a rare occurrence. Roy doesn’t pop ‘em out every year or so. He takes his time, working slowly to get it right. Edge of Blue may just be the Vancouver singer-songwriter’s best yet – a summation by an artist who has been doing this for a long time. On this album both Roy’s roots and routes are showing; the influences he’s absorbed and where he’s been. Edge of Blue is ten songs full of wisdom, confessions, vulnerability, sensuality, self-reflection and celebration. More of a soul album than country or folk; it has nothing to do with what is ‘hip’ and ‘happening’ in the mainstream music business. This is art song – memorable words, compelling compositions, spare production and a voice every bit as original as when the “kid full of dreams” first came to town almost fifty years ago – pure Roy Forbes. More about Roy and Edge of Blue.

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