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02 - Clarke & Queens.jpg

       Clarke and Queens St Rendering

04 - Heritage Retail.jpg

       Heritage Retail Rendering

05 - Mews.jpg

       Mews Rendering

10 - Mews from Spring.jpg

  Mews from Spring St Rendering

  • Diverse range of housing: Including pet-friendly studios, one, two, and three-bedroom units, and live-work units in both the rental and market buildings.

  • Enhanced public realm: 15% of the site is dedicated to the expansion and enhancement of public space. This includes a vibrant pedestrian mews for all residents and visitors to enjoy.

  • Air conditioning: Both the rental and market homes will include the comfort of air conditioning.

  • New commercial spaces: 24,000 sq. ft. of commercial retail spaces ranging from 850 SF to 2,700 SF to cater to small local businesses. This deliberate configuration aims to accommodate and support small local businesses, ultimately enhancing the vibrancy of the area.

  • Revitalized heritage building: Formerly known as the P. Burns Butcher Shop, the heritage building will be relocated to a more prominent area in the southwest corner of the site, neighbouring the Queens St. Plaza.

  • Convenient & connected: Located near all of life's essentials and a 10-minute walk to the Moody Centre Skytrain Station.

  • Family-friendly homes: 20% of the homes in the market building are three-bedroom homes; and nearly 15% of homes in the rental building.

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